Additive Suppliers Buyers Guide

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Publisher: British Plastics Federation
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Date Published: 2012

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All the companies listed are members of the BPF’s Additive Suppliers Group. This means that you can contact them with complete confidence - confidence in companies that operate in highly competitive markets - confidence in companies whose products achieve the highest possible standards.eaders are advised to consult individual company websites as shown in the company profiles for furtherinformation
With over 25 member companies, the BPF Additive Supplier’s Group is the only national plastic additives grouping in Europe, if not the world. Encompassing suppliers of fillers, flame retardants, colourants, stabilisers and special effects additives, the Group has been working to promote their role in plastics processing and products since 1976. The Group is quick to point out the important role that additives play in the innovation of plastic products brought about, in large measure, by the huge advances made in additives technology. Members of this group are involved in almost every element of BPF activity as their interests in plastics are so substantial, crossing every application and issue.
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