Materials in sports equipment

Author: A Subic

Publisher: Woodhead Publishing
Date Published: 05/09/2007
ISBN:978 1 84569 131 8
Price: £155.00

Product Details
The first volume of Materials in sports equipment has become an essential reference describing improvements in materials technology and their impact on equipment in a range of sports. This second volume combines coverage of recent developments in advanced materials and their application in a number of sports not covered in Volume one. Part one discusses general issues such as modelling of materials behaviour in sports equipment, non-destructive testing methods, materials and design for sports apparel and mouth and skull protection. Part two analyses the materials and design of equipment used for specific sports: baseball, snowboarding, ice hockey, fly fishing, archery and rowing. The book also reviews design and materials in athletics and fitness equipment. This book is a unique and essential reference to all materials scientists and sports equipment designers and manufacturers developing products in this rapidly evolving field.
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