Plastics in Construction

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Publisher: British Plastics Federation
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Date Published: 2012

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This Guide has been produced by the British Plastic Federation to help architects and specifiers in both private and public sectors, together with civil engineers, to understand the key benefits brought by plastics building products to the construction sector.
The British Plastics Federation is certainly well qualified to present this information.Founded in 1933 it is the oldest plastics federation in the world and today, of its twenty two business groups, five represent the manufacturers of plastics construction products: Cellular PVC, Expanded Polystyrene, Pipes, Sheet and Coated Fabrics and Windows Groups These BPF Groups have been responsible for developing the markets for plastics building products and are widely represented in British Standards Committees and hence CEN and ISO Committees for relevant products standards. Much of the information used by the industry in its marketing activities has been derived from information generated by the British Plastics Federation which has a strong record of sponsoring third-party,independent research at authoritative organisations such as the BRE. The BPF is at the cutting edge in its understanding of how sustainability applies to construction materials as witnessed by its participation in the ground-breaking Voluntary commitment, Vinyl 2010, offered to the European Commission in 2001. Our Guide well illustrates how plastics products will help mitigate the effects of Climate Change. The BPF is sponsoring the RIBA Lecture Programme on Smart Materials in UK Schools of Architecture in 2011. The BPF is a member of the Constructions Products Association (CPA) and the European Plastics Converters Association (EUPC).
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