Masterbatch and Technical Compounds Buyers Guide

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Publisher: British Plastics Federation
Edition Type: Free pdf download
Date Published: 2012

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This Buyers Guide of the Members of the British Plastics Federation Masterbatch and Technical Compounds Group is correct, so far as is known on the publishing date shown. Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this guide, the BPF accepts no responsibility for errors in or omissions from this publication.
The BPF Masterbatch and Technical Compounds Group represents the interests of UK colour and additives masterbatch manufacturers and suppliers. The Masterbatch industry in the UK is estimated to have a turnover of around £200 million with an increasing profile. Principal objectives: To help group members to develop sales through the promotion and use of appropriate colours and additives in plastics ;To develop industry standards/norms in terms of testing, measuring and specifying colours and addtives for use in plastics ;To provide a platform from which influence can be exerted on relevant legislative and regulatory affairs ;To develop clear and consistent advice for distribution to customers, media and other agencies ;To provide information to members about changes in legislation and any other commercial influences pertinent to the industry and to provide advice on how to deal with them, for example, employment law ;To promote best practice in health and safety issues ;To establish links outside the industry with other bodies / organisations / BPF groups, who can provide advice and help with relevant topics of interest to members;To establish links with other national bodies representing the Masterbatch Industry outside the UK
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