Plastics & Rubber Equipment Buyers Guide

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Publisher: British Plastics Federation
Edition Type: Free pdf download
Date Published: 2012

Product Details
This is a Buyers’ Guide to the plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers produced by the British Plastics Federation (BPF). The companies listed are members of the BPF’s Equipment Group. They manufacture all types of machinery and ancillary equipment as well as software to enhance efficiency of plastics production. You can contact British Plastics Federation members with complete confidence as they are leaders in their respective field and with a track record of reliable service and meeting the highest possible standards. The BPF has made every effort to ensure that the information contained in the Guide is correct at the time of publication. Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this Guide, the BPF accepts no responsibility for errors in or omissions from this publication. For further information about this Guide contact the BPF on 0207 457 5000, email or visit
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