About the British Plastic Federation

Who we are

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) is the leading trade association of the UK Plastics Industry (representing approximately 80% of turnover), a springboard for industry action, existing to exploit common opportunities and resolve shared problems. Membership encompasses polymer producers, suppliers and processors in addition to additive and machinery suppliers and manufacturers.

What we do

The BPF publish and supply on behalf of, a wide variety of publications on a plethora of issues within the plastics and rubber industries.

The BPF's name has become synonymous with plastics in the UK and is recognised as an authoritative, well-respected and objective source of unique information.

The BPF promotes the interests of its Members principally through its four Market Sector Groups and its many common interest Business Groups. The BPF Central Expert Committees address industry wide concerns including Environment, Fire, Product Safety and Industrial Health & Safety.

What you can do

  • browse and search for specific publications
  • Receive a discount for ordering online if you are a BPF member

BPF Online is the online portal for the British Plastics Federation which the BPF online Bookshop is a part of.


For information on joining the BPF please call Stephen Hunt on 020 7457 5044 or e-mail shunt@bpf.co.uk

Alternatively visit our main site, BPF Online, by Clicking Here